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Shakira vitamins

by Brianna - January 22nd, 2024.
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The singer revealed that this is the secret of his power to sing and dance. On his return to Africa, the Colombian revealed that his music is influenced by currents of this continent. Colombian singer Shakira revealed questions from journalists the secret of their known energy to be able to sing and dance nonstop in his shows: it’s vitamins of love that you receive from your current partner, the footballer Gerard Pique. In a press conference before the concert that the artist will offer this Saturday in Rabat, Shakira said that when she feels happy I have energy for anything, and now I’m full of energy. Shakira not dodged questions about his relationship with the football player Club Barcelona, which this Saturday in London played the final of the Champions League against Manchester United, appointment to which the singer acknowledged found very nervous. It is not something adverum would like to discuss. Fans of Barca, and I among them, should already be proud for having managed to reach the final. We have an exceptional team, said Shakira, who did not hesitate to use the first person in the rrirse into the boat.

On his return to Africa, a continent that catapulted to world fame after the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 successfully Waka waka, Shakira said that it is closely linked to wonderful memories, and that he learned to love and live with African culture in its infancy in Barranquilla (Colombia) in my. He also had words of praise for Moroccan women (of whom there are much to learn) and Arabic music, which has influenced his music above all in his eyes theme as well, that in Arab countries is worshipped. Move me, dance with the music of Fairuz, a Kulsum with them I learned to love and appreciate the Arabic music and rhythms. I think they are very present in my music, he said. The performance of Shakira will be the closing of the 10th edition of the Mawazine Festival, the most important of Morocco, that this year wine surrounded by controversy, already that the demonstrators pro democracy demanded its cancellation considering it a waste of money. However, the week of concerts has developed normally and without notable incidents. Source of the news: the secret of Shakira: love of Pique vitamins

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