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by Brianna - February 17th, 2014.
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This means that home buyers should be: – a new residential building, number of storeys of which are: six or more floors, built: since 1961 – should be flat owned by a natural or legal person. Not allowed 'futures' purchase of apartments in 'co-investors' (that's the result of bankruptcies of companies-contractors) and apartments are in disrepair or located in the houses, found in an emergency – in an apartment should not be illegal replanning and conversions – apartment should be "legally clean ', ie: no legal or physical persons are not placed on it claims of property rights and these claims are not filed in court – apartment connected to all utilities: heating, hot and cold water supply, electricity debt to pay for utilities and other payments should not be – in the apartment must properly operate all plumbing fixtures, to be intact all the doors and windows. In a word – should be a new flat and well groomed. And what do you do to the potential borrowers who agree to purchase the mortgage loan is not new and not very well maintained accommodation? Likely to live in a tent – because no bank wants to increase the commercial risks and to communicate with the market 'secondary' housing. Only New! But even this policy of creditor banks (oddly enough!) Benefit borrowers. We discuss the – Mortgage rates two times lower than the rate of growth in property prices, and settle in a new apartment can be directly after receiving the loan.

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