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Property Abroad – Northern Cyprus

by Brianna - October 18th, 2011.
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North Cyprus – the time to invest! Undeservedly forgotten island, or rather part of it for more than 36 years of age, more often appears in the international news media, is the "apple of discord" in the discussion of many policy decisions. Only the British, realizing all the charm of this country, started buying up cheap real estate in Northern Cyprus during the last decades: the pristine miles of land, beautiful beaches, clean environment, almost total absence of crime, inexpensive real estate. Then began the first "boom" of construction in the north of Cyprus. Absence and failure to recognize a country such as North Cyprus, perhaps, gives us the opportunity see this part of the island the way it is preserved today. Slowly, information about the country as the glorious corner of the world with low property prices, despite the thoroughness of some politicians to hide it exist, disperse, and people from all over the world started buying real estate here. But after a British family lost the case Orams in the European Court, the whole European market average, and only residents of countries not outside the EU, continued to buy here wary real estate, usually only on the Turkish titles. It did not last long – March 5, 2010 European Court of Human Rights passed a law on "Commission on Real Property" Cyprus, which is responsible to consider land claims on both sides and decide disputed property issues at the state commission and decide the necessary amount of compensation (More) Thus, the EU and Northern Cyprus government fully guarantees the security of buying a property in Northern Cyprus.

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