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Property Complexes

by Brianna - September 13th, 2011.
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Independent evaluation of property complexes. If to analyze this procedure, it turns out that the evaluation of the property complex, can be of two kinds. First, in accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 132 Civil Code, which directly estimate property complex, as the object of the rules used to conduct business. Secondly, to assess the property system as a collection of objects that are the property of the enterprise, and involved in entrepreneurial activities. In the latter case, to estimate the value of the property complex – which means also, the identification value of the property, buildings, vehicles, equipment, intangible assets that are part of the property complex. Given the fact that the assessment of the property complex – is to identify the monetary price range of property rights of legal persons for objects that are valued on the balance of the property complex, independent assessment of property complexes rightly recognized as the most complete view of business valuation, business, the company – all that can carry the name of the property complex. We can do for you to evaluate the property system for the following purposes: sales, mortgage, and credit; contribution to charter capital; Insurance Company; allocating a share owners, etc.

List of documents needed to assess the value of the property complex: balance sheets and financial results for the company, over the past 5 years. Statement of the main assets on a valuation date in electronic form and in hard copy. Passports BTI on buildings and structures located on a balance sheet, in the absence of BTI passports and other documents – fill out the form A1, A2, assure the signature of the director and the company seal. The staffing of the valuation date. The composition of expenditures (cost structure), with description of articles.

Articles of Association and Memorandum of Economic Society (distribution stocks (shares) among the founders). Explanation of accounts receivable and accounts payable. Documentary evidence of tangible and intangible assets of the company. Why do you need an independent valuation of property complexes? to increase the efficiency of management of property complexes; to use assessment results as an indicator of the impact of management of property complexes; for making strategic sound decisions; to attract deposits; for restructuring purposes of property complexes; solutions for cultural property disputes and other conflicts related to the proof of property rights, transfer property complexes in asset management, etc.

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