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Seas, Lakes and Streams

by Brianna - December 7th, 2013.
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We added in his interesting analysis of the subject Barta, that seas, lakes and large and small streams are polluted by toxic waste and the 500 largest rivers are drying half, including the Nile in Egypt, the Yellow in China, Colorado in the United States, the Ganges in India and Jordan in Palestine. And all because of such colossal water projects as clumsy. And mankind is thirsty. According to the UN, one thousand three hundred million people lack access to safe water while 31 countries face serious shortages, which will undoubtedly worsen the effects of climate change. And the demand for water is doubling every 20 years. "The wars of the twentieth century will be about water," said Ishmael Sarageldin, former World Bank vice president who knew something of this as he promoted the privatization of water rights. Water, the sweet is the smallest, most hidden, the most elusive, the rarest, most precious.

Because 94 percent of the water is brackish, and six percent is fresh groundwater is 4.3 percent and 1.7 percent is frozen. So fresh water from the atmosphere and Earth's surface: clouds, rain, rivers, lakes, wetlands … is just 0.03 percent of all water. Soil the precious liquid sewage from cities, industrial discharges, accidental spills of toxic and agrochemicals in the field. But if accidents are the most showy and the most severe industrial pollution, pollution is the most rural extension. It was not well, but in the twentieth century won the intensive agriculture model was unsustainable water, among other things because pesticides pollute rivers, lakes, seas and groundwater and overfeed nitrogen fertilizers into the water, causing algae blooms and reduced oxygen.

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