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by Brianna - December 9th, 2013.
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You can spend time in vain, relying on the agency. Personal Search is good, but the data are often inaccurate. For example, live in the house tenants and the landlord was gone. Naturally, Tenants will not give you accurate data so as not to lose their nests. Or home owners have too big ambitions for the price, unaware that the real market value of an order of magnitude lower than their desires. In fact my experience say that the best option (in the case of buying our house in Yekaterinburg) was an advertisement on the Internet, which gave the lady of the house, working realtor. She knew the actual price level does not cheat the agent per cent, guarantee the availability of documents and concealing nothing. Ad hanging on the Internet for only three days.

Either before or after we have not seen, although the monitor real estate market for more than three months. So we bought a house in Yekaterinburg exclusive area, but for the price of a one-room apartment. With regard to searching for property abroad, more options and information, as well as the smaller brokers and as a consequence, interest is at specialized sites of foreign real estate agencies. In addition, if you have chosen a house abroad, based on the Russian print advertising or online publications, you’ll have to wait long before you’ll be able to know what is the reality of purchase. Russian Agencies must place to check all the new unit of time and then confirm you the opportunity to purchase. It takes sometimes a few weeks. And also, if the country where your future home, have any legal restrictions on buying property, Russian agencies prefer simpler objects. For example, in Yekaterinburg press is full of suggestions for the Bulgarian real estate, but it is all apartments. Houses with plots or land in general is not offered because to buy land in Bulgaria, a foreigner needs to open a company in whose name and will make a purchase. Or, not knowing the laws related to real estate in another country, the Russian agency can offer you the option, which is generally impossible to acquire. Therefore, to search for foreign real estate is best to search the Internet real estate agency in the country where you want buy real estate. E-mail easily connect with realtors. If you do not know English, Bulgarian realtors can communicate with you in Russian. This is one of the reasons for buying property in Bulgaria. They promptly, During the week can attest to the reality of buying, will meet you on the spot and show all the options, which you can find, and can show and what has not yet managed to get to the site. To be continued.

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