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Where Should I Buy Property In Bulgaria ?

by Brianna - October 24th, 2011.
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Despite the fact that over the past five years, real estate in Bulgaria was quite strongly represented in the overseas property market in Russia and every other customer at a meeting with a representative of local agency asking the question to his agent. Typically, representatives of real estate firms respond by repeating the standard learned phrase – Golden Sands, Varna, Nessebar, Sozopol, St. Vlas and in the recent past, added to the list and Sunny Beach. On the Bulgarian coast, in addition to the above popular resorts, there are a dozen smaller ones, located near protected areas, with beautiful beaches, beautiful parks, decent infrastructure and the most important – not so much crowded as the popular resorts. Nothing can be done – PR …

advertising is firmly lodged in us and become an integral part of our lives. The first "barkers" have been popularized and round – the agency. With their help once modest town – resorts, prehistoric wall which can still remember the heavy tread of the passing of the Roman infantry, became a source of income. Some time later, using the already acquired popular, local builders have seen the incredible possibilities of the financial growth of their companies, in the case of a permit for construction of real estate in the very near or resorts. "It is good that ends well" – goes an old wise saying.

At the beginning of the first decade and to the middle, these resorts were built at a rapid pace. Fortunately, several international organizations, as for example, UNESCO in the case of Nessebar, including them in your list, declared the cities museums than imposed a ban on construction in their areas. It's tempered enthusiasm from local builders, but they continued to build in the nearby resorts. As a result, today we have creation of modern building Sunny Beach, which was formerly one of the most expensive resorts on property prices, but by far one of the cheapest. Yes, it is now up 60% percent of all budget proposals on sites of Bulgarian agencies are closing this resort. The paradox, is not it? And yet, nothing strange about it. Who would want to relax among the hot concrete, noise, drinking and entertainment thousands institutions, light commercial local casinos. Over time and through the efforts of local businesses that once medium in size and importance resort, has become a Bulgarian Las Vegas. I want to "postpone"? – You to "Sunny" say locals. Need a break? – Take the South, they advise. When buying property in Bulgaria is an important step for you, be sure to ask yourself the question – what do I want? If you're tired of the fuss and the dynamics of your city, you likely to want to silence the normal number of tourists on the beach, quiet neighborhood, walking in the park, visiting the local restaurants offering local cuisine from the windows of which tend to overlook the sea and bays. For young people, in such resorts, there are several discos, night clubs, but in specially designated for this purpose, the ground and they by no means, do not interfere with other travelers. Among this type of resort, it is necessary select Chernomorets, Kiten, Primorsko, Tsarevo. Here you can enjoy the sea view and beaches, quiet, excellent local cuisine, stroll among the virgin nature surrounding these resorts Reserves.

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