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American Native

by Brianna - November 26th, 2018.
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Very difficult to spend this day 19 without remembering the gloriosidad, legacy that the natives of our Continent have bequeathed to us and of course, which stops each country that the Integra represents, more when we perceived that still many governments have not supported to him who are deserved. As we know, the Day of the American Native (or American Day of the Native) every year commemorating Inter-American the Indigenista Congress is celebrated reunited in the 19 Mexico of April of 1940. The congress was summoned in Patzquaro (been of Michoacn) by then Cardinal red president Lazaro, who was descending of natives. In that one congress indigenous representatives of native populations of diverse regions of America participated. He was spoken of the social and economic situation of these towns, their problems and their needs. This conference produced a document that created Inter-American the Indigenista Institute, with soothes in the city of Mexico and employee of the OAS.

Thus the American day of the Indian was instituted, in commemoration a this event. Since then, the American continent celebrates this date in memory of those who inhabited this territory originally, imprimiendo there the first cultural essences. .a remembers to us, that in that one opportunity met for the first time the representing caciques of the indigenous cultures of our continent, to analyze its present situation and to look for a common way before the adversities that face. In addition, as a result of the meeting it was founded Inter-American the Indigenista Institute, that it has his soothes in Mexico and that depends on the OAS. In Argentina this date after 5 years was clear, by means of the decree N 7550 of the National Executive authority. In addition, in the National Constitution of 1994 (Article 75, interjection 17) party to the indigenous subjects is taken, and in the year 2000 our country has ratified the Agreement N 169 of the IEO, by which the Argentine State recognizes the indigenous towns, among others right, its cultural integrity, its earth, its forms of social organization, economic and political, and the right to maintain its customs.

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