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PVC Plastic

by Brianna - November 25th, 2018.
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Metalloplastikoye windows modern market is full of boxes of metal is very different proposals to make the right choice, you must razobratsya what are the windows of metal or plastic window, and that are they. We first consider the material from which the frame is manufactured windows. This plastic is polyvinyl chloride in science, therefore there was another name for plastic windows windows-PVC. In plastic box, there are several design elements: 1. Window frame forms a PVC profile, located on the perimeter.

He is perhaps the most important role in this design. The correct PVC profile guarantees high quality, low thermal conductivity, reliable protection from various rain and wind, as well as sound insulation. In order not to lose heat in the house, choose a profile with at least two air chambers, and do not forget ask the manager about the optimal width of the profile. 2. Another very important element of window design is an element of the mortgage, which is inserted into the PVC profile to make it more rigidity and strength. Generally mortgage element is a pipe or a plate made of steel or aluminum. 3. Element often sold articles plastic windows – windows.

It is made of two or more glasses, connected to each other at the edges. Once the space between the panes is pumped all the air is filled with inert gas. To improve the insulation on one of the panes of glass can cause the coating of silver atoms. Such energy-efficient windows is called, it is easy to miss the sunshine and securely retains the heat inside pomescheniya.Takzhe manufacturers offer windows with high strength characteristics. It glazed with tempered glass, laminated glass, or armored glass. Tempered glass is manufactured by heat treatment than usual, triplex glass – by gluing together two glasses and add a special between them film, armored glass has a similar layered structure. Sound insulation glass can be adjusted by a competent selection of the thickness of glass. Thicker glass in insulating glass to reduce noise in the room and use of glass of different thickness helps to avoid the resonance phenomenon. Nowadays there are so many organizations that offer PVC windows.

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