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Antonio Paredes

by Brianna - April 27th, 2013.
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Here the background question is why there was this? And I can’t find an explanation convincing, and, from my point of view, there is no decent explanation either. The Member of the citizen participation Committee went further, insclusive, and approached the Serviu San Antonio’s Provincial offices. Previously he had gone to ask the director of works of the municipality of El Quisco, Antonio Paredes, who asserted that it was feasible to build social housing in Tralcamahuida. Serviu met with Jorge Devia, provincial Chief of the State Agency, who said you to that area (the Tralcamahuida) had been all the time available and that, ofcourse, the municipality knew it. Go to ask the Mayor of the time Jose Miguel Carrasco, said Devia when Salinas asked the by that were not built then there homes that today stand at a surcharge on the grounds of Altos de Zanartu. Salinas has that in Serviu answered him that the information is delivered to the House committees when they request it, but no.

If not ask us not have why say anything, he replied Devia. I asked in the municipality not why it informed the committees, but they knew nothing. Apparently, you were told in the Works Department that there were no other land, said Raque Salinas. And adds: nobody knows anything. I asked five member of the Committee and ensure that nobody told them anything. The spokesperson for the Commission is of the opinion that Serviu review the quality of the Egis (Social real estate management entity), especially in this case to the Egis heritage S.A. Treasury pays them to the Egis that advise and protect the interests of families homeless, but in this case is clear the Egis heritage put their interest and the REALTOR Benanto above the interests of families, and therefore does not deserve to be Egis. We can do business at the expense of working families. Should be noted that the Mayor of le era, DC Jose Miguel Carrasco, was dismissed by the Tricel in April 2008 by lack of probity. Original author and source of the article.

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