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by Brianna - May 23rd, 2013.
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Benefit products include rice whose minimum price will rise 20 percent, milk (15%), cassava (12%), soybeans (10%) and corn (6%). It is that the profitability of the sector is not an threat to the economy, but the key to their development. Because it has care is, the sector of agriculture in Brazil is one of the drivers of the recovery of the economy. Proof of this, in May of 131,000 new jobs generated, 53,000 (40.4%), corresponded to that sector. Regarding oil, Brazil has also produced good news in the last hours. The American Chevron (NYSE:CVX), announced the start of its operations of extraction of crude oil in a maritime area off the coast of Brazil.

This private investment is one of the most important in the sector, in a project that reaches US $3,000 million and where Petrobras holds a 30% stake. The project will allow an extraction of 100,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and 850,000 m3 of natural gas in 2011. The Brazilian economy has begun airing its first signs of recovery. The plans of the Brazilian Government on the different economic sectors aim especially to its strategic positioning in the exit from the crisis at the global level. The effort of Lula’s Government by maintaining the economic strength despite the temptations of short-term actions, is paying off.

The economy of Brazil will not only begin to regain their strength but it will resume its plan of becoming a world leader. And while the real estate sector suffers in the world, in Brazil it is beginning to awaken a boom, which yesterday gave Reuters account. An example of this has been what has happened with a residential project of 104 units launched two weeks ago in the area of Vila Carrao in Sao Paulo: all units sold in four hours, said Thomas Shapiro, Chairman of GoldenTree InSite Partners. Soon we will touch this topic.

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