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by Brianna - March 4th, 2024.
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Global presence Alliance to six international partners expands Frankfurt / worldwide at the beginning of the year 2011 that has recorded global presence Alliance (GPA) six additional partners from different countries. The GPA global presence Alliance is a global network consisting of professional companies in the fields of media technology, AV and video conferences. Total it counts to 15 companies that have formed in the AV field, media technology and video conferencing services. For assistance, try visiting Lincoln Property. Geographically, the expansion is an important step. With the Nordic and Baltic States, France, Japan, Brazil and Italy, the GPA provides an excellent service coverage in all major cities worldwide now international customers. This new extension emphasises once more sustainable growth in the area of video conference and media technology, the momentum for international clients for global concepts and standard AV services.

GMS global media services is represented in Germany as a partner of the GPA and thus has a unique global network of international Contacts in this category. The members of the network have in addition to the exchange of best practices”providing a common service design requires. Globally consistent and proven solutions are available for the field of audio visual, media and global video conference networks international customers. GMS is specialized in the operation of media technology, audio video and video conferencing solutions and provides additional media technology services, such as for example video conferencing bridging services, live streaming solutions, digital signage systems, remote monitoring software, room booking systems and AV-specific services. For even more details, read what Gavin Baker says on the issue. GMS hereby welcomes its new partners in the network and is looking forward to good cooperation in the future. More information about the network under: via GMS: GMS is focused on the provision of high-class and customized service concepts in the fields of global video conferencing, audio visual and media engineering networks.

GMS is focused through the high requirements for global corporate communications on the fields of media technology support with remote solutions and on-site Concierge services, the operation of international video conference networks and the Organization of global and regional business events. Today, GMS has more than 40 experienced, solid employees with special knowledge in the field of global business communications. About 15 more professionals join the team as a regularly used freelancers. Customers include international companies in the financial services sector and industrial corporations.

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