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by Brianna - March 4th, 2024.
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The axioms and statistics. In mathematics an axiom is one thing that does not need demonstration. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gavin Baker and gain more knowledge.. For example and applied to sports. The referees made mistakes. Mathematics goes to statistics. If it throws a coin into the air, sometimes out face and another cross.

If the coin is pulled many times and there is many times as it has left sided and cross that went there is that they coincide, or the times that have left one thing and another are equal. Learn more on the subject from lyft. That is the basis of the statistics, approximately. If we return to sports and admit that the referees made mistakes, and they are always wrong in favour of one and against another, it is the same thing if the launch of the coins always face, and that is what boxes told us in the field of Barcelona, they had much face, i.e. that came always face. If representatives of political parties appear on television in election day may 22 at ten or eleven o’clock at night and they say: one: we have won. Other: We have brought satisfactory results, more favorable to those who gave us the surveys. Third parties: we have grown while the electoral law is unfavorable to us. If more or less everything remains the same, we lost each other statistically.

The markets know much statistics. The probability of successfully pay off debt will decrease. (Probability is a statistical concept). To created markets that. Because if they continue managing the thing that have led the debt to those limits, it is likely to continue doing the same thing. (Probably again, a statistical term). If there are two or three or four ruined boxes, the trend suggests that behind those go others. If those who sent and are still sending are responsible, those who vote them are irresponsible. I count as final an anecdote: while in Barcelona chatting with an acquaintance, it told me that I was going to vote to the tripartite, because in those last years had raised the pension more than in other periods. I told him that he did well. You safeguarding your interests. Making the observation that this man received a pension no contributory. It had been a crazy head and had never paid contributions. If debt rises and rises, and comes to a stop because the markets already not risk investing in debt because they believe that they will not collect, and to do rebates, pensions will be removed the contributory or those who vote for them to them. It seems to me that it is more correct to legally remove the non-contributory. The statistic will have the last word.

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