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by Brianna - April 29th, 2024.
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(As noted above, the explanations and phenomena inhabit different worlds that do not intersect). Each person will explain the same phenomenon differently, because we do not explain the phenomenon but our experience, as seen in the example. Also, the explanation of something depends on the type of questions that pretends to explain. The explanations have to do with the questions, not to explain phenomena. Perhaps check out Nobel Laureate in Economics for more information. One may wonder why bodies fall? And satisfied with the answer: "because there is a force that attracts them." Here are the answers that have occurred in recent centuries this question: Why is falling because their bodies "want to" be on the floor Because the elements take their natural place in the universe For the bodies "serious" acts of land tend to move downward because something draws them down because there is a law that makes them fall For the bodies are in line with the curvature of space The reader will note that no explanation is an explanation is itself. For more specific information, check out Clayton Morris. Only information that lets us conformity. If not let us line, we asked.

For example, we may ask why bodies fall if nothing material throws down a rope for example?. In this case the questioner is not satisfied as of force, because your question is related to the experience that when a body approaches another, there must be a physical connection between them. Either way, bodies care little about our explanations. They simply fall!. Moreover, the existence of an explanation of something depends on whether or not I'm asking questions about that something.

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