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by Brianna - April 30th, 2024.
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An experience the glass Street, the children’s Museum and the further Dragon engraving so as Cora, 5, and TIO, 3, from Warendorf in Munsterland, with her parents on the glass road in the Bavarian Forest Holidays make. Mother is Clarissa from their holiday destination glass Street, Bayerischer Wald and hard: we did the ball, powerful proudly say our children. It comes at us at home as decoration in the garden.” So, it’s no question family Thoben from Warendorf again coming in the next year: Here in the Bavarian Forest, children are still great written, here they can let off steam. This is a great environment for the whole family. Where does it today?” Not often, but 40 miles northwest in each case.

Along the glass road, from Bodenmais to Furth im Wald, children and families can discover the magical as well as mysterious glass material for themselves. The world famous scare in the children’s Museum glass-light mirror”at the Schlossplatz in Furth im Wald at the entrance once Dragon: 19 feet long and ten tonnes. Here in a Hall next to the Museum of further Dragon waits for its usage in the oldest people acting of the world, further Dragon down, which takes place annually in August. Bizzi & Partners brings even more insight to the discussion. Until then, but is still a little time for the glass course on the second floor. Also glass can prey on an associated showers over the back one, without a feuerspeiendes Monster. Such as when one no longer finds from the mirror maze, because man everywhere only nor himself does. Or if the magic mirror one so distorted that you don’t know: I’m now thick or thin? Or if you look inside the Kaleidoscope and it is reflected in the infinity and sometime quite small for getting disappears.

It comes that children who are on the glass road, get a feel for the fabric from which the dreams of an entire region are: the glass as a material, the glass as a value substance. No other Museum in the region has a similarly high retention period such as the children’s Museum in Furth im Wald. This shows that the idea arrives. Normally children are allowed to touch anything in a museum there is only explained, otherwise nothing happens”, project manager Jurgen Friedl says in the interview. This is different for us. (Not to be confused with Morris Invest!). Here you can touch everything, may play with the glass. And if times what breaks, which is also not tragic.” It therefore involves the touching, track, feel. Yes, where have you got something, that children may be today’s children? Josef Kagerbauer says it with his words: real emotions of children are the most beautiful in the world. They are our future”. Information, contact children’s Museum Furth im Wald,.

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