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Building a Home

by Brianna - August 31st, 2011.
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It is not necessary to pay more for extra inches in the construction and subsequent operation of the home. What shape the house you choose? The most cost-effective form for building a house – a square. Imagine that the walls of the house are in the form above (in plan) this form. If you add up the perimeter of the exterior walls of the house with this configuration, the walls (hence the foundation), we obtain 40 lm That is, to build house this form you will need to build about 40 meters outside the walls, along with a foundation under it. This home will have a residential area of the house equal to about 85m2. Now imagine that the house is square, with dimensions 10m sides. Then the perimeter of the house (exterior wall) is 10m H4m, that is, those same 40 metrov.A inner surface area of the square is 100 m2. That is, for the same cost of production of the basement tapes, perimeter exterior walls, we build a house in the first case in 15 m2 area is less than the second.

Even if the house has a simple rectangular shape – it is still more expensive in the construction of exterior walls and foundation than the house of a square form (you can experiment in the calculations yourself). Hence the cost of heating a home with a square shape would be lower, because the relative perimeter of the exterior walls, who give out the heat will be lower than in homes with other rectangular shape. Of course, the square shape of the house less attractive than more complex forms of outdoor buildings. However, the question of beauty and aesthetic appearance of the house with a square shape inexpensively and efficiently solved by decorating the front of the house. The economic advantage of this option clearly evident. So, for a family consisting of two spouses and two children get the best building one-story house, a square forms an area of about 100-120 m2, consisting of three separate rooms, one hall, kitchen and a bathroom (with sink). Here are the results obtained by analysis at this stage of construction. Conclusion: The optimized design of his house, choosing one that matches your criteria.

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