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by Brianna - June 1st, 2011.
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House in the cottage – this communion with nature, silence and solitude. And a house in the cottage is a profitable investment, because the suburban real estate is growing every year in the price. And yet it is an opportunity to protect yourself, family and Children from the noise, smog and many dangers of the megalopolis. The cottage village should have a common enclosing fence, the road with a quality coating, lighting, and infrastructure within the village. Also, a gated development must be protected.

The undoubted advantage of living in the cottage is a clock guard its security service. Housing estates are distinguished by high-end single-style buildings, and single style of landscape architecture. The infrastructure of this village include modern means of communication, its fiber-optic line for telephony and high-speed Internet. Forget about the reliance on and other domestic problems. The cottage village has its own artesian well with water, its sewage treatment facilities and electrical substations. What happened was that – get help from duty plumber or electrician. At the cottage maintain cleanliness and order. More and more people tend to be calm, and tranquility of country living.

And the cost of the cottage is comparable to the cost of apartments in Moscow. Therefore, currently built in Moscow, and constructed a large number of cottage settlements. They are located in different areas have different class – from economy to elite, but all without exception made for a modern, comfortable and cozy living in harmony in nature. Roads leading to the cottage villages near Moscow, have a grip best quality and high bandwidth in any weather. Each developer is planning cottage villages so that they appear in no only beautiful but also ecologically clean areas. A more obvious advantage of living in the cottage – well-developed infrastructure. The biggest specialists in the field of architecture, making a new plan of cottage settlement pay great attention to every detail. As a result, residents of the village cottage is available all the urban comforts. This shopping and sports centers, bars and restaurants, promenades, dry cleaning, domestic services, children's playgrounds. Y every village its own idiosyncrasies, its own character, its own special charm. obtain the most complete information about them. Our experts can get all the information you need about the location of the cottage town, its area, the number of its member buildings, infrastructure, land plot adjacent to each cottage. You can also learn about the presence in the cottage entertainment and sporting venues clubs, shops and playgrounds. We wish you a successful purchase, which will delight you with many, many years!

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