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Building Wooden Houses

by Brianna - January 13th, 2012.
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Wooden house with their hands 11 tips for building houses 1. Laid with waterproof linings under the board (waterproofing or roofing material) 2. Handle the board ognebiozaschitnym composition (I recommend ''). 3. Laid with plank linings along the axes of the house without issue ends beyond the perimeter of the (otherwise you would be problematic to secure low tides). Check the diagonal, the run does not exceed – 20 mm axial dimensions check.

4. Proceed to build wall set Houses on the specification of wall elements (). 5. In a pass logs laid jute cloth. 6. Each row of each is sealed on birch Nagel (from 1000mm to 2000mm).

7. Too small step nog later lead to irregular shrinkage of the house. 8. Handle all components ognebiozaschizatnym composition (floor beams to the floor beams). Edge beams obvorachivaem jute cloth (the best look floor beams of roundwood in the first place – reliable, and secondly – more beautiful). 9. Once collected the house, install rafters, pre-treating them with ognebiozaschitnym composition. Rafter is not in any way driven to the frame, and mounted on a sliding system, otherwise after shrinking log on the pediments formed cracks. Cover with a roof. 10. We saw the logs into desired size, at the end of the opening cut a notch by cutting grooves. In the sequel to Stroebe fasten bezel box. 11. Leave the house on the shrinkage of six months (not insert windows and doors, not closing openings polythene – this causes mildew and fungus).

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