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Interior Doors

by Brianna - January 22nd, 2012.
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House starts with the front door – but inside the house there is the door interior. They are necessary to distinguish between the territory, protection of the premises from the light (when one person watches television, and the other wants to sleep) or heat impact – for example, in areas with air conditioning. If someone in the household is an important conversation, he closes the door – hence, another function of the door: soundproofing. Finally, the door prevents the spread of odors in the apartment (say, from the kitchen) or penetration into adjacent rooms. Separately, we must mention about the fire doors.

Fireproof interior doors are designed for long-term operation and different increased strength. They are made of insulating sheets (gypsum fiber), between which is laid a layer of flame resistant cotton, and the sheets themselves are attached to the harness of solid wood. Such a door can withstand the impact of fire up to 1 hour, preventing its spread to neighboring areas. These doors are expensive but their price is justified by the quality, long life, reliability and internal doors sverhprochnostyu.Tipy Now more detail about what are the different types of interior doors. By way of opening: Double, recoiling (sliding, coupe) and the pendulum.

Hinged door – "classic", but recently becoming more popular doors and sliding door wardrobes. Swing doors – an interesting solution: a door rotates around its own axis and has no door hinges (it is used for vertical axial mount). This type of door is made as of glass and wood, veneer, laminate flooring.

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