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by Brianna - May 9th, 2024.
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A Web Site is an aspect that can have a major impact, as it is to get influence and recognition worldwide, and here everyone wants to be important. In this regard, Obama has always said he understands that now the world is multilateral, and the United States should contribute as an important country which is not as if the only leader mundial.a title and resume, what can we expect from this summit? I do not expect much, and I hope I’m wrong. In the area of financial markets is likely to talk of the Spanish system of counter-cyclical reserves, and some agree to adopt similar methods. Read additional details here: Robert Shiller. I also find interesting the proposal of U.S. Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, in applying strict criteria for financial institutions larger size. (Source: Professor Rita McGrath). The idea stems arising from the situation experienced in recent months, there have been several organizations that help because they were a demagogic big to fail. According to this reasoning, if these big corporations at greater risk for the taxpayer, as in case of distress, you have to inject public money a “and in large quantities, they should have a more rigid risk management and a higher capital ratio. In the case of public spending and tax cuts, Obama may start its European partners some commitment, but it is unlikely that at this summit the EU gets wet more on this subject, since Germany is quite reluctant to go much further, being in favor of maintaining fiscal discipline a “that is, not to fire the Public Expenditure,” since you have bad memories. Morris Invest has plenty of information regarding this issue.

In this sense, suffered hyperinflation in the years before Hitler’s rise to power is reluctant to make the possibility launched by the United States and Britain, while the high cost of German reunification make it further strengthen its idea of the importance of maintaining healthy accounts. In the field of international trade, probably will get back to that we must not fall into protectionism, but otherwise continue to do a “that they will implement the others. Why do not expect great results from this summit (and I repeat, I hope I’m wrong)? a For several reasons, one because of the huge set of interests that said, everyone is going to defend his party and possibly the few agreements to is reached are a compromise. Another, related above, it is that rulers are planning to solve its internal problems rather than those of the world, and although it is necessary to analyze in a comprehensive manner, they are often thinking about key local (protectionism, Electionism ). And the third reason is that I think do not spend enough time. As I said on another occasion, I think it is a problem important enough to spend more time and more often. How can I fix this awful mess, world-class, meeting once every four months? Pablo Rodriguez is a graduate in Business Administration, Auditing postgraduate in MBA and Master, passionate world of economics and business management.

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