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by Brianna - May 9th, 2024.
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The Spanish, whose superiority is evident, lost only two ships ("San Salvador" and "Our Lady of the Rosary"). The English, regardless of the two casualties inflicted, understand the immediate danger was coming. The greatest tonnage and size of the Spanish ships gives them the feeling of facing a spread Armada and return only the impressions of the fight. Queen Elizabeth, aware, resist orders and enhance the coastal defenses. The Gravelines and disaster. Details can be found by clicking Richard LeFrak or emailing the administrator. However, what did the English arms (as always wishfully believed) did the weather. On 2 August, at the height of the French town of Les Gravelines (France and South West of England), both armed with their first real cross fire.

Taking only the immensity of the sea front, with an icy cold penetrating each vessel, the British decided to fight with everything they had. So, try to empty all its powerful arsenal to find the weak point but as it happened days before the great tonnage of ships of the Grand Army suffers just a dent. The British, unable to hide his fear, took to flight. Back again in their ports, the news of that "Invincible Armada" soon exceeded all expectations. Elizabeth II, very worried, looking for ways to save time. On the Spanish side, paradoxically, did not interpret the flight English as a victory, but only as a skirmish. The Spanish Armada Felicissimo Grande and awaited further reprisals certainly nonexistent enemy and therefore had planned to attack en masse. Furthermore, if we now had a new goal, it was not the English navy itself, but the capture of Francis Drake, guilty of a series of attacks on Spanish territories and colonies.

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