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Chimney Construction

by Brianna - December 20th, 2019.
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What is a good chimney? This high-quality fuel combustion, the ideal thirst, rapid heating of the wall and quickly overcome the threshold kondensatoobrazovaniya, longevity, durability, ease of installation. Traditionally, good chimneys were considered to brick. But the warming of the walls there are not too fast, so use a good chimney with a stove or fireplace. But with the boiler, such as gas, this option is no good – too often may be breaks between the inclusions of the boiler, causing the chimney cools. Hence, poor traction and condensate, and the complexity of its construction and maintenance, and can not speak. And what are they? There are chimneys asbestos cement pipes. At low temperature flue gases they 'behave' slightly better than brick, but at a high, alas, sometimes explode.

Pipes made of black metal – of course, also an option, but can be dissolved in the condensate for a couple of heating seasons. An alternative to these, the most famous chimneys, stainless steel chimney is. All parameters are designed in full. Flue gas is possible from thermal plants using different types of fuel (liquid, gaseous and solid). Stainless steel chimneys are used in stoves and fireplaces, as well as in boilers. The standard steel chimneys can operate continuously at temperature of flue gases up to 500 C, short term – up to 750 C. Maintaining a high temperature inside the tube improves traction, improves the combustion characteristics and, consequently, the performance of the boiler plant. This improves and indicators relating to environmental protection.

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