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July Day

by Brianna - December 10th, 2019.
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Not a single word he crossed with the enigmatic traveler. I wanted to get soon where his father. He saw it 15 years ago. From the hand of his mother, he had left it pressed for the disaster that was causing the Nazism, but still kept intact memories of Saarland, its place of origin: a territory located between France and Germany that had not escaped from the lust for power of Hitler. He spent time from that trip by sea and a day in a bookstore from the Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, they were to see. They recognized immediately. She was going to leave a custom which brought from Buenos Aires and looked at him surprised by fate.

For the first time crossed words. We went back to find a third time. I was in the cinema watching a silent film, Juana de Arco. Then we found ourselves in the gardens of Luxembourg and July invited me to drink a coffee. For him, the chances were very important. That afternoon they walked and discovered that they had mutual friends in Buenos Aires, exchanged addresses and appointments began to be more frequent. Edith was 23 years old and 32 July.

She laughed with their occurrences. It was my first encounter with a great intellectual. He knew so much, but we got well because he had a great sense of humor. He laughed a little from me, had a superior culture. I was so impressed. He invented many things. That day it struck him a tree with huge roots and recited a poem to me: Trees “.” His walks became increasingly common. One day we arrived up to Jardin des Plants. There we discovered the Axolotls which left him impressed. After riding, I in my old bike and he in the yours brand Hallelujah, we stopped.

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