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by Brianna - October 2nd, 2012.
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The new film of David Fincher (the Zodiac – 2007, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button? 2008) The Social Net was shown for the first time in the Festival of Cinema of New York in day 24 of September of 2010, generating controversies that would place later it as one of the attended films more in 2010. Film, that counts the history of pupils of the University of Harvard that if they after become millionaire to create a program of relationships, approaches subjects that go beyond ambition and treason, that a great amount of money can generate between better friends. The Social Net was thought to count what &#039 more than; ' true history of the creation of facebook' ' yes to be hit of 2010. The success of the film of Fincher not only appeared of its undeniable talent as managing and a good history teen, but also of a great number of rightnesss. Leaving of the beginning of where everything started good faro of the writer Ben Mizrich (Briging Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas will be Millions – 2003) that in its previous heading already it had discoursed on young students who had made richness counting letters in Wools Vegas, that when receiving an email from a student of Harvard, Will McMullen, recommending that it entered in contact with the co-founder of the Facebook Eduardo Saverin, followed the suggestion and it found the history of the birth of the Facebook according to its co-founder. The anger of the Brazilian Eduardo Saverin for not having been recognized as founding, in such a way socially as economically if transformed into a good history to be counted for Mizrich in its next book, after all for brings of the richness of facebook, would have a great deceit? Deceit or not, Mizrich tried to contactar diverse times the founder, recognized, of the Facebook the young of 26 years Mark Zuckerberg to know its version of the facts, but it did not get success.

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