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Construction City

by Brianna - November 6th, 2012.
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But I will leave of side these useless Metaphysical quarrels to dedicate to me estria stranger to it happened in these days in a certain city ' ' without nome' '. It could have a city in this world that did not have a denomination? the addresses of its fellow citizens? How they would receive its accounts from water, light, plans of health and credit cards in its domiciles? It would have somebody in this world to give to name that town that if the side of a small steep road forms and its many agglomerations of a disordered slum quarter. Comumente, was a place that all we know ' ' state-homem' ' it looks at with repudiation and loathing, but that the weight of the voters of that poor tribe revealed unquestioned living of its mazelas and daily pobrezas. As we will be able to perceive my readers, any possibility of nominar that city will have been in goes and this will imply violently in inconvenient desatinos. Some times, turn over attempts organized for the body politician that city, in becoming popular consultations, but, everything in goes. Some fellow citizens perjured in its fast informal debates, made for the esquinas of those gravel streets, that the one that the state-man had taken for serious decision, was in the truth, beside the point onerous the patience of that the incubencies paid in day all tributaries, and, they waited that if is transferred soon, and thus the state-man came back to give to urgent importance the construction of the viaducts promised at other times. thus the days in that city were transferred that it did not yearn for in being nominada. It seems, to the eyes of the not doutos ones, that to give name to a city are of the things simplest, generally homaged in the name, that one that had been the pioneer, homage we affirm to be posthumous, of the city or, even though, it was not forgotten defender politician who more recollected in its public speeches the benignancy I appeal and it social the such act.

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