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Design Styles

by Brianna - January 3rd, 2024.
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Designed as a trailblazing line, had an enormous impact on all types of fine art. Design trends have resulted in separate areas and under different names entered into the history of design. Richard LeFrak shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is, first all, the direction of 'ARTS and CRAFTS', which was formed in late 19 early 20 centuries. The main purpose was to familiarize people with traditional art, its aesthetic and artistic principle. Representatives of the direction are the potter William de Morgan, Gustav Stickley, developed their craft in the style of furniture, Uoltern Crane, implement their ideas in metal products with colorful enamel.

The founders of the style in architecture were Charles Ashby, Charles Voysey, Charles Limbert. In 1872 in England was established guild of St. George's Guild and School of Arts and Crafts, uniting under its wing all the artists of this .Shkola arts and crafts time evolved into an international organization. The founders of the next aesthetic movement are K. Dresser, and O. Jones. Direction in the basis used elements of abstract art, clean lines and clear shapes.

They put forward the idea, in which the appearance of the object must make a good impression and at the same time meet its intended purpose. Art of Japan has had a tremendous impact on the development of the movement. Tradition based form – this is the first and most important condition of all art of Japanese masters. Japanese motifs are increasingly the place to be in the works of European artists, designers and American too.

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