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Drain Pipe Damage

by Brianna - December 13th, 2018.
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Pipe or open construction in accordance with the tightness testing mandatory by 2015? As the second German television (ZDF) reported that municipalities assume that about 60 to 70 percent of the drain pipes on private land are leaking and therefore can pollute the groundwater. Usually the drain pipes are underground for decades without been waited to be. Here, too, the ravages of time leaves its traces: cracks, breaks, deposits, corrosion, and especially Wurzeleinwuchse. Close the drain pipes, especially in the connection area of the drain pipes, in the so-called joint, in the course of time. Usually, this damage to the old stoneware pipes, the former clay pipe, be determined. Here, especially the old drain pipes are affected. Until the mid-1970s, the bodies of former tar knitting clay pipes were sealed and then shed with tar. That was at the time\”State of the art, explains the specialist in wastewater technology Mike Scholz.

They have over the years\”, as Scholz, but Tar ropes in the socket the drain pipes are resolved, now no longer tight. Root work is increasingly attracted by the water and destroyed usually the socket\”. Over the years, close roots and penetrating ground, sand, or gravel drain pipes, supported by all sorts of objects that do not already belong in the drains. Suddenly, the waste water not only in the bathroom, but also in the bathtub accumulates. Since then helps neither grandmother Pumpel continues, yet the special tool of the plumbing industry. The whole drain pipe is a renovation or repair. Leaking water leads to a contamination of the soil and groundwater. Anyone who takes this fact approvingly in purchase, is punishable by law. According to the water resources Act and the associated DIN standards must in the year 2015 at the latest every homeowner perform a leak test of his domestic power and prove the tightness of the sewers.

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