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by Brianna - December 19th, 2018.
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About the possibilities of Mallorca real estate to come. Who doesn’t dream of a home in the sunny South. Realize the dream can be the easiest for those who can bring a corresponding financial background and afford your own house or apartment, for example, on your dream island of Mallorca. But those who do not have the financial resources to actually realize this dream through their own efforts, can even challenge Fortuna and are going to buy a virtual ticket. Because it has become fashionable to giving away dream homes on the Internet.

So a 50-year-old has won means a few weeks ago a dream Villa media reports in Austria, he never could afford under normal circumstances. With a ticket for 99 Euro real estate offered on the Internet also Mallorca. A total 19 999 tickets are offered. All virtual lots are sold, will be under the supervision of Spanish notary of the winner. There are critics who regard these games as frivolous, draws on the Internet legally are not regulated. On the other hand, that’s also a reason that they may take place. Who would like to participate in a raffle, can see mostly an expose of the corresponding Finca or Dream Villa in the Internet.

A visit is not possible in advance for cost reasons. , Because the lucky winner, be, you can real estate this Mallorca as residence or holiday home, or rent as a profitable holiday real estate as an investment. Real estate agents in Mallorca are happy to help, if it comes again to sell the dream house or to rent. Those who opt for a life in Mallorca without that he has financial reserves, needs above all a job. Wanted are predominantly low skilled seasonal workers for menial jobs, which are usually poorly paid. Who in the long term would like to gain a foothold in the labour market on Mallorca, has better chances, if he is trained in a Majorca important branch of the economy.

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