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Equitable Collection Tax

by Brianna - April 10th, 2024.
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Not pay taxes until the collection and application of our taxes is equitable. * Change the absurd tax value added VAT by a simplified tax system fair. Cuernavaca Morelos at November 7, 2009. By Jose Alberto Betanzos Salgado. As we all know the tax collection, is a practice tenders and very necessary for financing the development and progress of society, to meet the needs of our country, let us work to achieve a comprehensive fiscal reform, or to integrate us all. Already enough to continue indulging so much corruption and ineptitude of our Government, the solution is in our hands when Mexicans unite in one mind and in a single thought: not paying taxes until the collection and application of our taxes is equitable nor pay vehicle holdings in agreement to the fulfillment of the promise campaign of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa. Additional information is available at Clayton Morris. t as a source, but as a related topic. Let us join our efforts to suspend all tax payments, demanding first of all municipal Presidents and that of the Republic, deputies and Senators and federal officials, down to 50% their salary and benefits, we will spare this measure enough to begin to grow financially in our country. Second request: shall regulate and establish clearly and of easy access and application, in the federal law of servers and public officials, which punish negligence, incompetence or acts of corruption, with economic penalties and even jail.

And as a third request require the use and application of resources are trasparenten. Enough to pay more those who have least and big business, magnates and chieftains to evade taxes. Enough that continue using poor people to speak against the payment of taxes. Recent approvals of tax reform, left not satisfied any person who can boast of being smart and honest, demonstrations and reactions of those who reach to discern the stultification of the legislators were not immediate, many of them decided to send emails proposing various actions, highlighting at all times a endless recriminations and offenses all rightly so, but to tell the truth to these politiquillos not move them, because they have no principles and values, or its own initiative, the offenses slip them as they spread corruption and ineptitude, but what if it will be effective is suspending the payment of taxes and will see that they do not take 3 months, when they already have a better fiscal plan, because if they know that they must do, but they do not slogan of those who govern in anonymity and benefiting from extreme poverty to where we want to take.

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