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Bolivarian Republic

by Brianna - April 10th, 2024.
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Had never made use of the right to vote in a land where supposedly ruleth democracy. But after two consecutive Lord alvaro Uribe Velez terms and all the incidents, good and bad, that have Pearl his Government, I was practically impossible to continue making me turn a blind eye on this matter. Our current President has not been my cup of tea, for various reasons that are irrelevant to enumerate, or stress, but in the same way nor I can’t cover the Sun with a finger and unaware that the most significant thing that Mr Uribe has made over these years is to maintain an openly warmongering stance towards the subversive and terrorist groups, delivering you, that Yes, with heroic and unrestricted support of the army and the police, blunt blows that have managed to shrink them their power and hold, as any another bear representative dare, although in this case He was motivated by a personal vendetta, giving Colombia in this way a deep breath in the field of security. Say that the FARC and the ELN are in via of extinction, surviving them very little time to live as terrorist insurgent movement, which are already defeated, is a big fallacy, as saying that our President had nothing, nadita to do with the issue of the chuzadas of the DAS, so de jure it. Official site: John Savignano. All the powder keg that was assembled after the killing of the guerrilla leader Raul Reyes in Ecuadorian territory and consequential breaches of diplomatic relations with the neighboring, coupled with country to quarrels, almost of personal tone, ente Chavez Hugo Chavez and Mr Uribe, who also left the diplomatic and trade relations in intensive care with the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, make up the central part of this script which is nearing completion, leaving a bittersweet taste President outgoing, because with their crossing of the soul and the entire roll of the failed referendum reelection, his intention was the same of his Venezuelan counterpart: perpetuate itself in power indefinitely.

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