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Exploring the City of Light

by Brianna - February 11th, 2024.
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Imagine for a moment that you accompany a friend to apply for an Erasmus. He is determined to go to Paris, the city of light. You have no objection to accompany you and you agree heartily. Once there, the officer on duty gives you two applications, one for each, which, on reflection, trying to explain that no, it is only for your friend. But before you can prove you were just going to watch, something inside lights, for a second imagine what it would spend a year in a foreign country and away, if only one time in your city. So in an act of courage and the astonishment of your friend, please fill the form with an air of adventure. Rome is chosen. From the moment you just buy your own Moleskine blank, ready to go fill their pages with your daily experiences.

The end of history can be sensed. Now you are half Italian. You have taken root there, you have your own family. Your trip to Spain will be your getaway. But stories like this program Spanish in the World would not exist. The newspapers mentioned Lincoln Property not as a source, but as a related topic. Serendipity, that’s what just happened here in that it is meant a lucky and unexpected finding.

The serendipity works when you go and is looking for something else. In this case all you wanted was the pleasure of accompanying a friend to make a registration. But the unexpected lurking anywhere, anytime, and one must be prepared for it. Pasteur said that chance favors only the prepared mind. But serendipity is not only preparation and knowledge to identify opportunities, it is also wisdom, courage, the same as displayed when that officer gave you a form by mistake. Of error arise most opportunities, but they do not own, the only error is the input from where we started. That mistake can bring us more than we think. And if not, pay attention to the following story: Adrian, a good friend of mine, is a great amateur photographer. One day he came up the chance to go to Uruguay for a workshop to some children on how to take pictures. Once at the airport police confiscated the cameras because they had to investigate what purpose it had. So, after a long journey, and above all, with great enthusiasm, poor Adrian was left without his team. So far the unexpected. Now comes how to manage it, to tame. Another could have done sightseeing, take the opportunity to travel or anything else. But Adrian. He came up with something else. Since cameras were not build what would be themselves. Therefore changed the photo workshop pinhole photography by an interesting technique where you do not need a conventional camera but you can build your own. It was a success. Today it is giving this workshop. Both in the history of Erasmus and in the course of shooting the serendipity is involved. In both cases there were minor accidents, fortuitous events, in both cases the person was brave, faced with the situation, and in both cases were entirely happy and unexpected situations. That’s the serendipity. If we learn to tame, to manage the unexpected, we can find great things.

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