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Flea Market

by Brianna - February 11th, 2024.
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They offered the opportunity on the Internet an article from private to private auction without even knowing how high the auction price for his article will be as a provider. What did the provider as well as the bidder, was the second at the auction was ended by the auction house. This indescribable feeling of joy to have bought an article, in the last second, is revived by the new Internet auction house. On the day of German unity, the 03.Oktober 2009 the Internet auction house opened its doors on the Internet. Means privately on the internet offer”. So must provide those interested to bid for an article, so the Managing Director Marita Waley.

As a composer this Internet auction house she and her staff holds it firmly, that there will be commercial shops, nor one the possibility of article to be able to buy. Feeling Pur is private flea market from your local PC, like 10 years ago, at the top. focuses exclusively nationwide on the auctions of its bidders and suppliers and with the slogan we offer more”was also created a new Renaissance of the auction fees. Peppered with a sophisticated system of Member, each provider can choose its auction package suitable for. With the smallest auction package basic has all auctions the provider for only 1.99 a month up to 4.99 free. The proceeds of an auction provider benefit to 100% and is still managed no advertising banners on the Web site to place it results that is. That are permitted no commercial dealers on Piib, which maintain an extensive inventory, brings with it that must evolve the platform supply and demand itself and expand. Getting started as a provider of Piib is so until end of October completely free and supported by the Piib team there always great deals for all active members.

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