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Federal Constitution

by Brianna - September 21st, 2016.
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We live in a world, where the amount seems to have more value that the quality. The text Consuming the other: branquidade, education and potatoes you fry cockroachs, you tell to all this question, that affect the sectors most important of the life of the man, the health, the housing, education and the security guard. Everything is perfect in the theory, in a piece of paper, all lives with dignity. Breaking itself for the practical one, we know the side negative, that the branquidade and the potatoes you fry cockroachs cause in the societies, mainly in the emergent ones, as it is the case of Brazil, a country that lives the grace of the economy of developed countries, mainly of the American economy North. These societies seem to live in constant apprehension, always are submitted to the richest and powerful interests of. To eat potatoes you fry cockroachs, is not related only with the real direction of the act to consume the product, but of the technological consumption in general, clothes, products, purchase of automobiles, property, among others.

With this the people are taken to practise the branquidade, and what it would be this branquidade? They would be rich and poor, frequentando same the places, consuming the same products, however of distinct forms. The branquidade is in the ambition, in the egocentrismo of each person, who indirectly, from the moment wants eats ' ' potatoes you fry baratas' ' , they are depriving thousand of people to its basic rights, right these that are written in the Federal Constitution (all have right to the education, health housing), but in the reality, what we witness are excluded people of its rights, the same ones that they consume famous potatoes you fry cockroachs. He is enough to bind the television and to hear the reporters regarding people in lines of the INSS, in order to receive its retirements, parents who pass days and days in lines in the doors of the schools, in order to guarantee a vacant, so that its children, are not without studying, are lines that seem not to have end, causing desperations, violence, deaths. In way all this chaos, is alleged that the resources destined to the education, health and housing, are irrisrios, however are expenses millions in other sectors, sectors these come back to the interests of a minority, that to each day become more powerful, due to interest of a come back leadership to one humanitarian politics. At last, the people eat potatoes fry cockroachs, without knowing that thousands of lives are being ' ' sacrificada' ' in the whole world.

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