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Interior Design in Rentals?

by Brianna - October 23rd, 2016.
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Many people for various reasons, have to turn to real estate agencies as rental apartments for long term. And despite the fact that very often in a rented flat which is prohibited by radically alter the design Apartments, yet can not wait to upgrade their, albeit temporary, home in a comfortable and attractive. In this paper, we present a few tips to help with small revisions in the design of the interior rooms can refresh apartment. On entering a rented apartment, many often face the same problem – many junk. This may be old radios, refrigerators, rags of the past century and more junk. Moreover, to obtain consent from landlords to eliminate them almost impossible.

And this stuff like a fifth wheel – use them not only in vain occupy the area and spoil the interior design. We give a couple of solutions to this dilemma. One way – shove master's junk on the shelves, cabinets and pantry. It is best to negotiate with a small cabinet, which does not occupy much space. Just do not forget about such a universal hlamopriemnik as a balcony. But still what do you do with a really big things (the old tv sets, refrigerators and washing machines)? They are not exactly vpihnesh on the shelves.

Designers hacked and the Gordian knot – turn them into original interior. For example, using self-adhesive films, inexpensive paint and imagination can turn the tv into an elegant base for the flowers. And if you topple to the floor refrigerator, hide it with a blanket and put on top a couple of soft pillows, it will turn into a comfortable sofa. It is also worth talking about furniture. Fifty per cent of cases it is a ragged old sofas and chairs, rickety tables and stools mangy with peeling paint, age has already passed for half a century. Buy new furniture rather costly and inconvenient. The best solution is to hide all the shortcomings of a beautiful package. Now there are many competent designers who have a small money will have services such as sewing curtains and blinds to order, as well as provide some helpful advice on dressing room interior. And the tattered stools can spend some money on the normal enamel paint or sew for them, the bright fabric covers. The most important thing – create a rented flat and homely atmosphere. Do not hide in the loft memorabilia: photographs, drawings of children.

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