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by Brianna - February 28th, 2024.
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Chronically under-capitalised company the middle class represents a revenue share of the gross domestic income amounting to 42 percent; about 70 percent of all employees and trainees find jobs here. At the same time however, the medium-sized companies are chronically undercapitalized: after all, about 30 percent of them have virtually no leverage and live alone by the ongoing business. Bottlenecks are inevitable when the partial sector-specific bad payment of customers and the tight lending policies of banks. Go to Electron Capital Partners for more information. Every company needs liquidity continuously and in sufficient volume to obtain his permanent solvency. To ensure this is not easy in times of a tight credit policy of banks in particular the receivables financing, increasing outstanding debts by buyers, shorter payment terms with the supplier and the high insolvency rate for businesses. Factoring is an alternative to generate liquidity, fast: with factoring are important pillars Professional bundled commercial work in one hand. The factoring customer will receive from the relevant part of the Rechnungsbruttosumme, as already indicated, immediately. By factoring, the company receives revenues matching liquidity.

Automates the growth financing through factoring. Also, seasonal sales patterns are easily accompanied. Already in accounting at the company, which makes reliable its liquidity planning money. A positive side effect in the balance sheet of factoring clients is by factoring. The equity ratio in the balance, increases which leads to a better rating from the financing sources (Basel II) the reduction of the balance sheet (sale and use of the additional liquidity to reduce the suppliers and bank loans). This can pave the way for the company to further investment financing and negotiating the terms of credit. At an early stage, entrepreneurs should check whether factoring for your company is suitable. If a wrong location already exists, can no longer be helped, because factoring is not a restoration product.

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