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Weight Reduction

by Brianna - February 28th, 2024.
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Feel the inner space of the soles of feet, toes, upper surface of the foot, move your attention upward to the ankle and then go behind beam of a flashlight up the legs, feel your knees, then thighs, inner thighs, perineum, anus. Next, follow the sensations in the lower abdomen, stomach, buttocks, sacrum, lower back, region solar plexus, chest. Lower back, the area of blades, , the tips of the fingers, hands, palms, wrists, forearms, elbows, inside of elbows, shoulders, the front surface of the neck, back, the neck, top, top of head, scalp, face. Turn your attention to the face. Feel it from inside, not feeling his hands. Are there any on the face where it stressful? Try to find them. Maybe it's forehead, or cheeks, lips, eyes.

Now the flashlight illuminates the space of the entire body as a whole. For more specific information, check out lyft. Inspect it with love and gratitude. Torch extinguished. Answer the questions: How do you now feel your body? How can he now? What have you found it? What is it you tell? Now take colored pencils and paint an image of your body, such as you saw him making a journey with a flashlight. Paint, follow your gut feeling. And now look at what happened. Respond to questions. What feeling is you have this image? What you may mean this picture? How can this be connected with what's happening in your life? Practical advice: Eli you do these drawings after each each work with your body, you will be able, by comparing them to observe the dynamics of changes in the sensations themselves.

For some people, experiences and information obtained about yourself in this exercise will be a revelation. For example, your face always knows what is happening to you. It tells you how you really feel about the situation. You only need to tune in and listen. Sometimes, the tension was frozen tightly, and no effort of consciousness to be his removed. Sometimes there are nasolabial folds, deep wrinkles. The skin becomes flabby, and then freezes on his face mask, holding a kind of emotional state. Chronic sense of inner helplessness, insecurity expressed in the reduction of the natural tone of the muscles of the face, and his face droops. There are specific exercises that help restore the natural tone of facial muscles, skin, relieve tension and stress. Their main function is habitual facial expressions. After their run comes to a sense of inner ease and freedom. The facial skin is smoothed. Improves blood supply to skin cells. Quickly restored the natural skin tone and contour of the muscles person. Reduces wrinkles. Flatten nasolabial folds. The face looks younger. This externality. On an emotional level, you too will feel the positive changes. Comes a sense of balance, deep, quiet and calm joy. The body has its own language. It may feel fatigue, tension, heaviness, stiffness or tightness. And can experience the extraordinary lightness of flight to infinity. It has been observed in practice, as in humans improve not only health. Changed the overall standard of the background, he became a joyful and easy. Changed body, and behind it and a sense of peace. People began to respond differently to the circumstances, both emotionally and in terms of actions. Resolve difficult life situations. But luck came after the internal changes the person. On another I have not met. No wonder they say, you want to change the world, start with yourself.

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