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How To Protect Your Apartment From Intruders

by Brianna - December 21st, 2011.
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It is well known that the greatest number of burglaries statistics account for the summer. There is nothing surprising in this: the owners left the apartment become bait for attackers. However, if you accept some precautions, the risk of becoming a victim of a robbery will fall on the order. Today, we will not dwell on sophisticated electronic security features. Focus on the protection of the first line of defense: the input doors and windows, places of possible entry into a dwelling. According to law enforcement agencies, most burglaries occur in minutes (the real "pros" have time to make his case for only 2 minutes).

In order not to to attract attention, the robbers must have time for this time to enter the house, quickly search the most probable place valuables and retire. Therefore, when faced with the additional protection attackers usually retreat. Most entry doors in the house going through the front door, so the first thing to do is protect him. Usually for this purpose establish a metal door. The proposals such lack today is not, however, experts strongly recommend to apply to a solid company (for example, "Steel", "TC Yunitehniks", "Sesame", etc.), which provides its products for at least a 10-year warranty. Of course, in this case, the door will cost more, but do not save on security of our own homes. To understand how high-quality door provides protection from hacking, the basic elements of its design. Every door has two main parts: mobile (dRis. a true leaf) and fixed (frame).

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