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Walls Classics Construction

by Brianna - December 15th, 2011.
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The development of low-rise building at the state level is recognized as one of the main ways to overcome the housing crisis in Russia. According to official statistics, the volume of individual housing construction in 2008 amounted to About 50% of the total volume of living space. In the vicinity of Krasnoyarsk today is built over ten organized cottage settlements. Such investor interest "" arose not only because of the constantly evolving demand, but thanks to modern materials and designs that can significantly reduce construction time of houses and outbuildings, which, in turn, reduces the cost of the cost of a square meter. Brick houses, built of brick, can stand for centuries, preserving the favorable climate balance and integrity. Each brick building – a sample of elegance, reliability and style. Moreover, the undoubted advantages of a brick can be attributed to high resistance to weather effects: rain, snow, gale-force wind.

On a brick wall, as a rule, there is no room mold, mildew and microorganisms. An important factor in the choice of brick is an exceptional ecological safety of this material. Its basis is the clay, which anciently was used for the manufacture of cookware and utensils. In addition, dense and impenetrable-looking brick walls "breathe", and in the home creates a favorable climate for humans. And, of course, such a house will protect you from unauthorized external noise. In the 90 years in Russia, a host of mini-mills producing unbaked bricks, fit only for the construction of the .

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