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by Brianna - December 17th, 2013.
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One site for passive income is not enough. Make an entire grid of thematic sites and relinks them together. Ie from each site necessarily have to go links to your other site. But other sites are formalized in a different style. So here and made fortunes! By the way, why not do some of these nets? 4. Do not click themselves on their websites! “Banitsya” account quickly, and unlock it – it is almost impossible, I tell you from personal experience.

For six months leading correspondence from Google, at the request woman whose son has decided to “poklikat on mom’s website. To no avail. If it still happened, just write a letter to support Google AdSense asking them not to take these clicks. 5. By the way, modern technologies allow us to make your site … avtonapolnyaemym, ie, you just create a website and content is created automatically. Who are interested in this system, look for the Old in the same Google. 6.

If a site has news, delete the date and blog archives, leaving only a cloud of tags. Visitors coming to your site, then it will seek the necessary information on headings, rather than picking at the archive. In addition, the sites at which long update information, usually occurs Prejudice, and who visited the surfer usually leaves them without reading them. 7. Lead, if you’re interested, the sites for “expensive” subjects. Finance, real estate, tourism … Clicks on advertisements of these topics are usually more expensive than others. Consequently, for the same amount of flipping a “road” theme will give you more money than not that expensive. Although, if you are interested something else, write better about it. The fact that you know and love. 8. Etc. Running a grid of sites for cooking, my friend, if wages in manufacturing in 6000 rubles (just over 200 dollars), has also, according to her, about the same with Google. In this case, it adds new recipes as their own inspiration, sometimes not touching these sites for several months. And now she fills a new mesh content sites. With work, where the pay is pathetic penny, but the Internet is free! And the money from Google are all going and going, more and more! Try it! Do it is not difficult, and “stuffed his hand” you can do such a “money streams” not only himself, even on sale! And most importantly, You will receive money, practically doing nothing. And it is worth and learn and work hard. Is not it?

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