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Know Buying A House

by Brianna - December 26th, 2013.
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Or not to buy a flat in Barcelona, Spain. I am owner of a real estate agency in Barcelona and many of my clients are wondering if it is good time to buy a flat in Barcelona or not, and what are the factors to be taken into account. For this reason I want to publish this article. That is what really matters when buying a home? The first big mistake committing to buying a home is exclusively attend the relationship euro/m2 and area. A House is something much more complex that a hake to buy exclusively to weight. The equation euro/m2/area should serve as a first approximation. However we must see that there are areas overvalued that do not bring too many values added from others much cheaper. I mean, 50 years ago, buy in Pedralbes, Sarria offered a few added values (equipment, infrastructure, communications, green areas); on others, such as Sant Marti, Sant Andreu.

Today, those advantages are fictitious. So it really almost one could speak of Barcelona as one single area. Very few neighborhoods offer value added compared to the rest. Perhaps Diagonal Mar, Marbella, Poble Nou, Barceloneta beaches offer. Eixample its proximity to the city centre. But I see little difference between a sita dwelling in the area of Via Augusta, with regard to ota sita in other neighborhoods as Sagrera, Clot, Sants.

What’s more, Sants and Sagrera will have great value with the Ave stations. Fundamental for the connection with Europe or Madrid. Despite that, there are areas where m2 is paid almost double that in others. Another consideration is that in Barcelona today 50% of dwellings are occupied exclusively by one person, and this phenomenon will go to more. The prototype of family with 4 children became extinct 15 years ago, the family with one or two children prototype is about to do so.

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