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by Brianna - November 9th, 2023.
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Bianca Bannach presented a new collection of Leipzig where otherwise rush the waiter from table to table to serve the guests, traditional Saxon food and beer was a track more elegant on the weekend: the Leipzig designer Bianca Bannach presented in the large cellar of Auerbachs Keller Leipzig for the second time her new collection. The aisle of the great cellar became the catwalk for the ten models. The upcoming Spring and summer fashion “cocon NouvELLE’ of the fashion labels Bianca Bannach of the colors black and white dominated with much lace. “A combination of St.Tropez and romance”, characterizes the designer even their collection. See more detailed opinions by reading what Stephen M. Ross offers on the topic.. “Playful Dresden lace, historic Eschke silk fabrics and modern plumbing & Prince this was tailored elegant dress collection,”Made in Germany”materials.” The right atmosphere to the extravagant fashion delivered the Auerbachs Keller Leipzig.

Here tradition and modernity clashed. In the large cellar with its exceptional setting, the great The dresses came particularly well round arches and a vaulted ceiling. “We in Auerbach’s cellar in Leipzig has a unique atmosphere. Steffan Lehnhoff is full of insight into the issues. Together with the fashion of Bianca Bannach a special event that inspires our guests also arises”, said Bernhard Rothenberger, the tenants of Auerbach’s cellar in Leipzig. Already at the beginning of this year, the fashion designer used the barrel cellar of Auerbachs Keller Leipzig for the presentation of their fashion.

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