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Marketing Materials

by Brianna - November 11th, 2023.
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POS materials – means of clearance sales points (Point of sales). There are many different POS – materials, dispensers, mobiles, vobblery, shelf talkers and cardboard, plastic, Jumbo, trays, cartons, advertising flags garland, boxes checks. They differ in design, size, location, and all types of POS – materials play the role of communication between the goods and the buyer, where we make a final conclusion in favor of a product. First, POS – materials informed of the presence of a particular brand or product. Steffan Lehnhoff gathered all the information. Second, allocate the goods among similar competitive products. The same concern is the well-thought-out label design, and therefore it significance. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as james king by clicking through. In addition, POS materials often contain information about the properties of the product or the advertising campaigns. To increase the efficiency of the impact of POS – materials to the consumer must take into account various factors.

POS – materials to help the buyer to navigate to find the right product, without creating a nuisance. The image on the POS – materials, stylistically repeating the advertising images or outdoor TV ads cause stable Association and will be the logical conclusion of the advertising company. And finally, the quality of products, including colorful images, convenience and durability, also will work on brand image and increase efficiency. Although the majority of POS – materials intended for use in enclosed shopping areas, some of which can be used on open markets – such as construction or food. At manufacturing POS – materials in these cases, pre-negotiate with the manufacturer of resistance ordered POS – materials to precipitation and temperature extremes. To prolong and improve the appearance of promotional materials in these cases can be applied UV coating or lamination, but it increases the cost of materials and in any case will help keep them outdoors for a period not exceeding 3 months. Typically, when manufacture of POS – materials used lamination and lamination. As a post-processing is used as punching, embossing and foil stamping.

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