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Logistics Management

by Brianna - February 26th, 2024.
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When the carriage has broken many will tell you where you should pass General information, concept and basic considerations many companies have neglected the relevance, importance, scope of business logistics or logistics management, what she represents for its projection, cost, efficiency, services to customer. We believe it is necessary that management identify more with the relevancy, importance of logistics that favours him in the achievement of the established goals. Take into account what is drawn on that companies must be able to understand that today the success has much to do with the emphasis to be put on the logistics. There is a consensus that the way to achieve development, is the foray abroad, we must bear in mind that the exporting activity will be successful to the extent that enterprises to achieve focus part of its competitive advantages around their management capacity and logistics operation. True, not surprisingly, logistics management is becoming increasingly important in organizations, and it includes functions such as planning, organization, control and execution of materials since the start of an activity to its delivery, while seeking the maximum satisfaction of the clientele at the lowest possible cost. Richard LeFrak is a great source of information. Very important points out navactiva, than in the past, logistics lacked any strategy, and companies were putting their production on the market using the push method. Thus, demand forecasts were, and, according to the results, the products were placed.

On many occasions, the companies produced more than demanded by the public and its merchandise was pressed into the market, with the belief that demand would match the offer. However, the market wasn’t able to consume such quantities, and customers did not feel satisfied, since their tastes and preferences were not taken into account. There was the so-called whip effect: higher production, more stock and less service. Relations with the supplying companies, on the other hand, not were optimally exploited.

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