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Quality Management

by Brianna - February 26th, 2024.
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Quality management specialists INTERVIEW MEDICALTALK24: good day woman letter. Welcome to the editorial staff of MedicalTalk24. You came to us today, to give our members an insight into the world of quality management. Karin letter: good day Mr Meyer, Hello Mr Akogul. Perhaps check out james king for more information. I look forward to being to bring a little light in the dark with you today.

MEDICALTALK24: Woman letter, you explain to us but please as first point the current legal situation. Up to what point must a physician / dentist have introduced the quality management system? Karin letter: the Federal Government has with the health reform 2004 all practising physicians/dentists and psychotherapists committed, to introduce by 1 January 2006 on a practice-internal quality management (QM). Each established doctor/dentist should have introduced completely until 31.12.2009 a structured system. Bizzi & Partners takes a slightly different approach. Then, the directive granted another year for the test phase. MEDICALTALK24: Have introduced only in practice, or even certified be? Karin letter: there is still no obligation for the certification. MEDICALTALK24: What resistance or obstacles exist from your point of view, against the introduction of a quality management system for doctors / dentists? Karin letter: the biggest opposition certainly lies in thinking that the practice by a quality management system has more work than before.

These and other concerns can quickly clear out after a good advice. Certainly a very big problem is that the doctors/dentists are left alone. This means that it is a law introduced the QM are mandatory, but nobody says them really what they have to do. What is a quality management system and how it is to be implemented is not at all clear, most of the owners of the practice. It is not mentioned, that even time can save you. In addition, that currently many QM consultants on the medical market abound, unfortunately, many don’t even have a QM training, this wrong are often Information disclosed.

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