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by Brianna - August 8th, 2015.
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I strongly recommend using public transport, both within the country and around Marrakech. Trains are cheap, comfortable and safe and there are bus routes that connect the main attractions of the city. Traffic in Marrakech is frantic and chaotic traffic rules and many are not respected by motorists. So, if you decide to rent a car, be especially careful and cautious.

Accommodation in Marrakech is very varied and of high quality. They can choose from a wide variety of hotels, guest houses, riads, villas, hostels and apartments for rent. 11. There are many online reservation centers, as or that can help them find fantastic deals on hotels, riads and villas in Marrakech and other Moroccan cities. One of the better options are in Marrakech riads, traditional houses completely refurbished and converted into lovely guest houses of high quality.

In Marrakech there are many places worth visiting, such as mosques, museums, gardens, palaces, historic doors, madrassas, synagogues, walls, parks and squares. The Jemaa El Fna is probably the most famous and fascinating city and offers endless entertainment provided by dancers, musicians, snake charmers, fortune tellers, fire-swallowing, tattoo artists henna, etc.

Marrakech has the largest area of Morocco souks, which sell a wide variety of products, especially handicrafts, footwear, leather goods, jewelry, spices and food, textiles, carpets, etc.. I stop racing! Where to buy in the souks, it is advisable to haggle the price of any product you want to buy. Haggling in the souks is a sign of respect for the Moroccan merchants, so I recommend you enjoy the experience. 17. Do not miss the sights of the city, like the Majorelle Gardens, the Museum Dar Si Said, the Madrasa Ben Yosef, the El Badi Palace and the Bahia, or Saadians Tombs of the Menara Gardens.

A day in the hammam, or traditional Turkish bath is an experience absolutely essential in Marrakech. The hammams offer a huge variety of services and beauty treatments and cosmetic care and relaxation that will leave you cool as a cucumber. 19. Beware of tap water and washed with fresh water current. Marrakech water is perfectly clean and safe, but the stomachs of many visitors are not accustomed to it, so if you eat salads and fruit washed in tap water can take a gastroenteritis or suffer from diarrhea.

There are two things you should not miss during your stay in Marrakech: the first is the mint tea, poured in the most skillful and spectacular, the second is smoke a shisha, a kind of water pipe usually used in Morocco, which has a fruity flavor and aroma. a So if you are planning to visit Morocco, these 20 tracks will make you feel more comfortable in this wonderful city. They can stay in one of the fantastic or one of the typical situated in the medina, as well as innumerable and luxurious. Marrakech Come and enjoy the culture, history and art of this fascinating city Ocre.

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