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by Brianna - August 7th, 2015.
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In this scene, the governments, industralists and the population generally will look for the way to reduce the carbon track and will try to be more efficient and independent from the power point of view. Secondly scene Although the renewable energies are everywhere, unlike the coal, petroleum and uranium that are very concentrates, and that the new technologies will allow us, more and more, to obtain them of cheaper and efficient form, we needed infrastructures to store them. It is here where the sector of the construction becomes protagonist of the second scene. Their commercial and economic transformation and implications are long-range for the real estate, city-planning sector and for the entire world. Third scene In order to reinforce the renewable energies and to reduce their costs, necessary systems are made prototype of storage that facilitates the conversion of the intermittent provisions of these power plants in lasting resources. The element, widely available, that it can be more efficient is the hydrogen. Besides being the most universal means for the storage of all the types of renewable energies that can guarantee a stable provision, it assures so much the generation energy as its transport, that also is very important.

The action of we can symbolically represent it to hydrogen also by the following chemical equation: 2H2 + O2 = energy + 2H2O Where the hydrogen reacts with oxygen and produces energy plus the empathic one water. This reaction is reversible by means of simple electrolysis. Fourth scene The main electrical companies of Europe, the United States, China and Japan and also of certain emergent countries are producing prototypes of the fourth scene: the reconversion of the mains taking to Internet like model, which will allow to the companies and the resident population to produce its own energy and to share it.

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