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Oilinjected Screw Compressor

by Brianna - June 5th, 2016.
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1. The high degree of compression of gas (air) in a single stage, equal, usually 8-9, and in some cases 14 Such high compression in a single step was made possible by applying a large amount of oil in the cavity of the compressor, oil seal cracks, cooling them and gas compressor parts. 2. d. Circumferential velocity at the oil-injected screw machines is significantly lower than that of oil free compressors, which allows for direct connection vcr with high-speed electric motor or diesel engine. 3.

The presence of oil in the working space of the compressor in principle eliminates the gears that synchronize the movement of the screws. 4. By sucking air from the atmosphere and the compression of oil-filled compressor eliminates the need for shaft seals on the suction side, shaft seals at the discharge significantly simplifies and reduces their size. 5. Oil-injected vcr do not need silencers due to the reduction of noise level due to the lower circumferential speed of the rotor, due to the absorption of sound waves, oil, and also because the role of silencing Discharge perform sump and oil separator. 6. Reduction temperature drop in the compressor reduces and stabilizes the thermal deformation of its components, which reduces compared with the machines of dry compression clearances between the screws and between screws and housing. This promotes the application of rolling bearings. In turn, reduced clearance reduces leakage and increases efficiency of the machine and its delivery rate.

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