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Specialist Broker Offers Advance-acceptance Check

by Brianna - June 2nd, 2016.
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Hans Waizmann minimizes the risk of a ZZV ‘ rejected’. To submit an application for a ZZV, one is then but also to complete the insurance the other. This problem is the most underestimated of lay people, explains the relevant expert for dental insurance in Germany Hans Waizmann. Insurance is not obliged to accept any applicant! On the contrary: it is located in the reasonable discretion of each insurer, to exclude certain groups of people from the recording. For example, basically no people are insured in an insurance company in your occupation housewife”specify! An other insurers denied police officers and in the Watchtower and closing area professionals recording. Imagine me as a layman: find you after a long search and read many/most and then fill a dental insurance good for, even different conditions, etc. with your insurance representative, who makes a knowledgeable impression with considerable expenditure of time connected, long dental hoped would finally also the request for the additional protection from and then you get about 2 weeks later post, is available only in the: “…aus risk reasons we have rejected your request.” No word, no note explaining why! Then of course go to your representative and complain what.

It’s just as surprised as you. He don’t know why, otherwise he would have yes no time-consuming filled out the application with you – in hopes of making a degree -. What you may not know: you have completed an application just by this insurer, generally rejects an application if specified as a profession “Housewife”. How you can protect against such anger that has also disadvantages in another submission from other providers, 100%, we explain below. First it goes but…

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