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by Brianna - December 7th, 2011.
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You have decided to buy a property? Congratulations to you! However, the procedure of sale may contain a number of pitfalls and must be extremely careful before you put your signature under the cherished document for ownership. If you are interested in residential real estate, pay attention to whether the layout of the rooms to plan. Illegal alterations, made by the previous owner, you may face considerable fine. It is interesting that the number of appliances in an apartment match the quality of wiring. A large number of working power devices: boiler, electric boiler, gidrofor – can retire hour traffic jams.

A it's not very nice. Be sure to check out a book of homes and make sure that all the former residents discharged, and the owner has no relatives who can lay claim to their part of the purchased homes. These relatives can be ex-spouses, persons in detention, minors are not prescribed elsewhere. Registration of residential property can begin only after the consent of all owners. Better, of course check all the documents, but often the most complete information about the owner and the housing can be obtained from neighbors. Refine By the way, did not give a host of promises that you just have to stick with it. For example, the joint or repair a roof common use of certain premises. A more serious test of your professionalism may be commercial property and its acquisition. Before you start talking about buying, you liked the office or plot indicate who actually owns it and really has the right to sell.

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