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Photos Of Flowers

by Brianna - February 12th, 2024.
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Here and there in our homes and when we went out in real life and when we surf the Internet, in magazines or pictures, drawn or dried flowers are everywhere. In particular we find in all areas of life photos of flowers. This is because the flowers cause a special impression in the minds of the people who see that many would maintain, not erased. Perhaps that is why there are so many pictures of flowers scattered around the world, while there are so many beautiful flowers in every corner of this world. For more specific information, check out Bizzi & Partners. Pictures of flowers and aesthetic consequences. I thought the pictures of flowers have the ability to express a tragic fact: that human beings have always had desires to maintain the impression in the heart of a flower that causes us to see it, but keep this impression is impossible.

I say it is impossible because even if we have the photos of flowers these serve only to disguise the unbridgeable gap between what causes a flower as direct print and what is a simple reminder of a flower. The sky has wanted the flowers have a short life. Still wanted something more: that the moment when the flowers bloom is the shorter time of existence of the flowers, it is time they look more beautiful. This is the time that almost all photographers take the opportunity to take photos of flowers. But though the picture is there, the real flower, the flower alive, dies quickly. With the impression that she died when we saw caused us.

Where, after taking pictures of flowers we want to remember the feeling that caused us to see the flowers, we found that at the photos of flowers all that we are a reminder of the emotion that caused us when we saw the flower, but not emotion causes us unique, vivid, quiet, deep flower that causes us to see her. That is why I say I have pictures of flowers is not the same as seeing the flowers directly. The memory of that cause printing pictures of flowers usually bite harder on the soul to know that he was a flower in real life and we made a deep impression of beauty. Due to the flowers are short and the photos of flowers do not work for what they are made in this case, our relationship with the flowers always have such tragic tone: we have something of their beauty, but we can not, the gap distance to humans of these is insurmountable, as in many romantic events. But beyond all these aesthetic discussions that may have gone through someone’s head at some point, but may have all rejected as no more useful discussions or real sense, we can say that the photos of flowers are a commercial success of the largest. I as a photographer of flowers I can prove this, since the flower photos I’ve taken I have done much to position my work professionally, even though in reality I feel a deep void where every day I take pictures of flowers and discover that instead of take the impression that I want to keep the flowers, this strangely vanishes. It is as if the photos of flowers to laugh at me with malice barely see them.

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